Convert, Replicate, and Enhance.

Our professional scanning captures point cloud data to generates 3D models for historical preservation, manufacturing new products or bringing new ideas to life.

Highly Accurate 3D Models

Enhanced Product Development

Time saver & efficient

Mobile 3D scanning services are known for their precision and efficiency. The Einscan Pro HX and similar equipment can capture intricate details with accuracy, making it suitable for tasks like architectural preservation where precision is paramount. This efficiency can also reduce project timelines and costs compared to traditional scanning methods.
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3D Printing
Clients can benefit from the convenience of having scanning services brought directly to their location. This eliminates the need to transport valuable architectural artifacts or automotive parts to a fixed scanning location. The mobile service is especially advantageous for projects in remote or challenging-to-reach areas.
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Have you ever had so many great ideas that you know could change the world but didn’t know where to start or who to tell about them. That’s exactly how Manic Designs was conceptualized. Founder James Kathrein filled empty books with thousands of new ideas before he took that first step into the unknown. He signed up for welding classes then design classes and started to develop his passion for bringing new ideas to fruition. His first successful designs are the creation of the worlds most balanced dice, Gravity Dice. With years of experience and success under his belt, he has now turned his focus to helping others bring their ideas to life.  

Most individuals and small businesses don’t know where to start or who to take their napkin drawing to.  After facing many obstacles along the way, James and his team will support and guide you through the process of design, printing, restoring, preserving and even manufacturing.

Discover the Power of 3D Scanning